Today’s financial and business media enterprise especially in the print media requires fast and efficient delivery of business information in a way that is relevant to the key players.

At the Centre for Financial Journalism Nigeria, we have a faculty of thoroughbred professionals with extensive experience of managing highly successful financial media enterprises spanning over 2 decades.

We will bring this to bear in building your skills and knowledge base to meet with the changing landscape of media enterprises in Nigeria and raise the quality of your content, readership base and revenue.

The constantly evolving financial sector and business segments of society requires journalists to be ahead in their knowledge of the financial markets, company trends etc.

To achieve this, their skills and knowledge base must be constantly upgraded in order to understand and analyze information that will shape public policy, investments and decisions made by businesses and government officials.

Discover how to maximize the opportunities presented by the rise of Web and Mobile Technologies to build a strong financial media enterprise.

  • “To me, it really seems visible today that ethics is not something exterior to the economy, which, as technical matter, could function on its own; rather, ethics is an interior principle of the economy itself, which cannot function if it does not take account of the human values of solidarity and reciprocal responsibility.

    Pope Benedict XVI Pope and Head of Roman Catholic Church
  • Basically, to lead without a title is to derive your power within the organisation not from your position but from your competence, effectiveness, relationships, excellence, innovation and ethics

    Robin S. Sharma
  • “Open journalism’s core principles are transparency, responsiveness, participation, collaboration and connection. … It’s an idea for making quality journalism a collective endeavor and transforming it from a product driven by factory processes to a service driven by audience needs.”

    Melanie Sil Journalist
  • Excellent journalism has never been simply about information.It is information provided to enable knowledge, published or broadcast as a public exchange by people accountable for its accuracy.

    Melanie Sil Journalist